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Fsop - At-Home Kits

Are you looking to unleash your inner artist at home on your own schedule? Whether you want to spend some good times with a group of friends, a significant other, family night, or a quiet evening alone with a glass of wine, we have the Kit for you! FSOPaint At-Home Kits are now available! Relax, sip wine and have fun while you paint wherever you are, whenever you want!


What comes with the paint kits?


Our FSOPaint At-Home Paint Kits come with everything you need to unleash your inner artist at home! You’ll receive a canvas (or another surface of your choice), paint, paintbrushes, easel, disposable apron and step-by-step instructions to complete your masterpiece. 

Painting Supplies
Botanical Sketch

What Paintings Are Available?

Our FSOPaint At - Home Kits are a new addition to our experience. We are currently taking survey of what YOU would like to paint. We have a selected number of paintings but do come back to see new additions. 

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Box Delivery

Where Can I Get

An At-Home Kit?

As this is a new addition to our experiences, FSOPaint At - Home Kits are currently only available for local pick-up. Contact us for pick up locations.

Delivery options coming soon!

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